Paper Bundle Shrink Wrap Machine

Paper Bundle Shrink Wrap Machine

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  1. Sealing and Film Feeding Section

The Shrink Wrapper uses one center folded roll of film. Rolls have gravity unwind with provision to feed out.

The sealing system comprises of a hot knife design with special coated for P.E. films.

When product passes through the in feed conveyor and reach to sealing area sensors senses the product and passes the signals to the pneumatically operated sealing bar. Therefore, the cylinder retracts and sealing jaw comes down. After the seal made, it retracts. Then cool air thrown on the seal to achieve a strong seal. Once the sealing is over, the out feed conveyor takes the product inside the Shrink Tunnel.

This will transfer the first set of loosely wrapped Top into the tunnel, where the shrinking process will take place, in this way the cycle continues.