Collating & Shrink Wrap Machine

Collating & Shrink Wrap Machine

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The collating system is consisting of guide for conveying the bottles to form the required matrix. It passes through the sensors for sensing it. Each bottle will give signal to the amplifier. When the last bottle of the matrix will pass through the sensor, the matrix will be get completed and the bottle separator will release through it’s position and move back side and at the same time the pusher will get activated so that it will push the matrix in side the out feed conveyor.

(1)Turn table,:- It turns the product because the bottle is coming in sleeping condition and in horizontal position so we have to turn the bottle in sleeping and vertical position.

(2)Collating platform. :- The platform is taking sleeping and vertical bottle and it makes the desired matrix. As required. It is PLC (programmable logic control) based machine so you can change the programmer for different size of bottle and for different matrix. you can go for any size and any matrix you requires. Suppose if you are going for 4 column x 1 raw x 2 height (it is called 4x1x2 matrix) then the platform will take 4 pet bottles and then it will go down to come another 4 bottles, as soon as the 8 bottles collated the pneumatic cylinder will push the entire matrix in to the sealing area.